ISPRA Firearm Training Centers

ISPRA – Firearm Training Centers
ISPRA’s Firearm Training Solutions team, has an outstanding reputation for manufacturing, installing and maintaining the most reliable and innovative live-firearms training centers in the market. Over the last 20 years, we have delivered projects globally for numerous clients.
We specialize in outdoor and indoor shooting ranges, urban ranges as well as specialist training facilities. Our in-depth understanding of shooting range planning and design has provided us with the capabilities to deliver complete turnkey solutions to our clients globally. Shooting Range projects includes the Preliminary Study, the design and planning of the range, as well as the execution and supervision of the construction of the center.

Indoor Range – ISPRA delivers totally integrated solutions for indoor firearm training centers. In addition to operational/functional considerations, the design and operation of indoor firing ranges requires consideration of a number of factors such as Safety, Ventilation, Lightning and Acoustics.

Outdoor Range: the ISPRA team specializes in providing tailor made solutions for the planning, design and construction of outdoor shooting ranges. Outdoor ranges present additional challenges such as Safety issues, Fit to topographic location and the need for Weather/climate analysis and its implementation in the range design. We aim to Construct shooting ranges and training complexes that are both safe and have a minimal impact on the environment.

Ispra is also capable to deliver all the necessary fittings and features our clients require for the Firearm Training Center:
• shooting booths
• air conditioning and systems
• bullet traps
• bullet protection for walls, floors and ceilings
• acoustic and anti-ricochet materials
• bulletproof doors and windows
• safety and monitoring systems
• range lighting, range lighting controls
• digital audio and video monitoring systems
• PA and intercom systems
• centralized door-locking systems, to restrict access to live-fire areas when ranges are in use
• emergency alarms, beacons and fire-fighting equipment
• computer-controlled target equipment