ISPRA’s Innovative product line has kept us in the forefront of non lethal ammunition throughout the years. We are developing today innovative products and solutions for the problems of tomorrow. We encourage creative thinking with all our workers, from sales people transferring our clinet’s ideas and needs to our research and development department, all the way to our production personel. This strategy has led us over the years to create some of the most advanced products in today’s market.

Some of these patented products are:

  • Protectojet Model 5 tear gas fog ejector, which was the first real anti mob tear gas fog ejector weapon, originally developed as an anti terror weapon for hostage situations, and later adopted for defensive and offensive riot control use.
  • Multi Effect grenades – with their sophisticated combinations of chemical agents and pyrotechnics, that present our clients with new solutions for crowd control
  • Sprinkler tear gas grenade - with its spinning counter throwback mechanism
  • High Flow Rate (HFR) Pyrotechnics – which produce large quantities of CS Agent smoke cloud in a short emission time, without reducing its efficiency.
  • On-Barrel Rifle Grenades – the first smoke grenade in the market that can be fitted on any NATO rifle, without the need of any adapters.

We constantly improve and come up with new materials and formulas to be used in our non lethal product lines