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Thunderstorm - MBL12 Multi Barrel Launcher

The Thunderstorm MBL12 Multi Barrel 38mm Launcher system can deliver large quantities of less lethal ammunition in a very short time covering larger areas at distances from 50 up to 210 meters.

Loaded with any ISPRA Standard or newly developed product family of 38mm less lethal ammunition, the Thunderstorm Multi Barrel
Launcher can fire Tear Gas, Stun, and smoke or Impact ammunition, simultaneously or separately from its 12 barrels.

Especially designed for dealing with crowd control complex situations, the Multi Barrel Launcher can quickly disperse a mixture of different types of less lethal ammunition types, to variable ranges, providing law enforcement forces with the tools to get the situation under control while minimizing harm to civilians, police forces and public property.

Thunderstorm Multi Barrel Launcher can be mounted on vehicles, marine vessels or defensive structures. It is supplied with an optional, specially designed, Pan and tilt positioner motor.

The Thunderstorm Multi Barrel Launcher is designed for use with the following types of ammunition:

38mm - 3 Sub Munition Tear Gas Rounds

In order to achieve maximum coverage with the Multi Barrel Launcher ISPRA has designed new 38mm Sub Munition rounds which enable the Multi Barrel Launcher to disperse up to 36 Tear Gas Capsules in one single Burst.

38mm Long Range CS Smoke Rounds

In order to achieve maximum range with the Multi Barrel Launcher ISPRA is offering a long range version of Tear Gas projectiles. These projectiles are made of polymer in order to reduce injuries to a minimum.

38mm Stun + Powder Rounds

To be used in conjunction with tear gas rounds, these rounds help achieve maximum deterrence and confusion in the rioting crowd, detonating over the crowds heads and dispersing pepper or CS powder from above

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