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Tear gas hand thrown and launchable "MULTI EFFECT" grenades


This advanced revolutionary concept, developed by ISPRA, consists of supressing crowds extreme aggression, using minor enforcement. When deployed, the MULTI EFFECT is highly effective using minor force.

This concept also gives a smart and sophysticated answer to the grenades

These grenades operate in two stages with three effects. After throwing or launching they emit high flow of CS smoke. Few seconds later... surprisingly, the grenade explodes, creating a deterrent stunning noise accompanied by dispersion of either CS powder, rubber pellets, coloring agents, or sticky gel. Body of these grenades are made of composite fiberboard, hence there is no fragmentation or injury when it explodes.

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  PDF Technical specs

1G 1010-CSS-STCS smoke emission and blast
2G 2020-CSS-STCSCS smoke emission, blast & CS powder
3G 3030-CSS-STRBCS smoke emission, blast & rubber batons
4G 4040-CSS-STRPCS smoke emission, blast & coloring powder
5G 5050-CSS-STPSCS smoke emission, blast & CS sticky gel