ISPRA Products

Impact Ammunition

37/38 mm impact rounds and rubber ball grenade


ISPRA IMPACT ammunition is designed for a wide spectrum of incapacitation levels - from non-lethal pain compliance up to full non-lethal incapacitation - of a single target up to a group of aggressors.

All this in situations where chemical agents are not chosen or applicable.

Optionally, the aluminum shell rounds can also be supplied with 40mm caliber.

  PDF Technical specs

1C 850-1-RBaluminum shell with 1 single rubber baton
2C 850-3-RBaluminum shell with 3 pieces rubber batons
3C 850-1-PBaluminum shell with 1 single plastic baton
4C 850-3-PBaluminum shell with 3 pieces plastic batons
5C 850-X-RBAaluminum shell with X rubber balls
6G 303-STRBrubber ball grenade body, blast and X inner rubber stings